March 25-26, 2020

Reston, VA

Among the biggest challenges within the clinical health sector comes from the need to effectively disseminate and leverage evidence-based best-practices at the point of care, and to support transitions as an increasingly mobile patient population navigates among sites and institutions of care.

BPM+ Health is addressing these concerns head-on by leveraging of open, standards-based notations brought together under the umbrella of a style guide which allows professional organizations, clinical societies, and healthcare providers to document their care pathways and workflows in a way that allows them to be shared across organizational boundaries, more internally consistent than their predecessor formats, and more easily and accurately consumed by care providers.

This two-day event will feature several activities, including:

  • Role of BPM+ in clinical quality improvement
  • Presentations discussing findings from early trials using guidelines based on BPM+ standards
  • Adoption approaches about how to leverage BPM+ content in clinical systems
  • Launching BPM+ initiatives within your organization and the business case for doing so
  • Establishment of working groups within the community-of-practice to share experiences and priorities with peer organizations
  • Jump-start/Overview of BPM+ and how it is used

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