Provide a brief overview of  a pain point you currently experience or observe in your industry, which, once resolved, will offer new opportunity to your business or industry..

Create a title that may be used to easily reference the pain point in the future.

What keeps you up at night? Describe a pain point that is preventing you and your customers from achieving your business goals. Consider describing aspects such as; What are you trying to accomplish? What are the core issues? What are the biggest challenges? What happens if you do nothing? Who is impacted by the pain point? Who benefits from having a solution?

Categorize the pain point as being related to productivity, process, customer support or finance. Add your own category if none of these apply.

Identify vertical industries where the pain point exists.

Describe a few use cases that illustrate the pain point.

Identify the roles of key stakeholders who benefit from a solution to the pain point.