To submit your pattern, you must complete the form below. Please refer to the following patterns (3-Tier, Autonomous Edge, Centralized and Swarm) to better understand how to complete the form fields. If you still have questions, please contact the Patterns Task Group Chairs.

Used for identification of a pattern and communication of it.

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Architectural or design.

If possible, provide information about when you might use the pattern. This should be open ended as patterns can and should be used in new scenarios and to solve new problems.

Describe on a procedural level the systematic integration and benefits of a possible solution.

Define the relation of individuals to the pattern and those necessary to implement the pattern.

Scenarios/use cases where the pattern may be applied.

Name typical problems the pattern may be used to address/solve. Describe abstractly the problem at hand, its context that describes when the problem might occur and conditions that need to be considered while choosing a solution to the problem.

Describes the concepts and relationships for the solution. This includes text and diagrams necessary to understand the essential concepts and relationships for the pattern.

Benefits of using the pattern.

Any drawbacks of using the pattern.

Exemplify scenarios/use cases where the pattern may be applied. Here, experiences are shared and links to projects, testbeds or discussion provided.